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We charge the minimum possible fixed cost set by the protocol. Our earning are defined by a tiny profit margin. We share your sunny days, we share your rainy days. We are in this together.

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Open Source

Every line of code we are using is 100% Open Source. We are an active contributor to the community. By staking with us, you support our efforts.

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We are commited to push the decentralization as far as possible. Our long-term plan is to host a node on every continent.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the status of Cardano staking?

The Shelley mainnet is now live! Please consider staking with our pool, ticker NUTS.

We decided to build only on the profit margin, not the pool costs, to run our infrastructure. We charge the minimum possible fixed fee, which is set by protocol to 86 ADA per day. Our reason is solidarity with you, our users. By relying on profit margins, we share the risk with you. We believe in Cardano and we are in this together. If your stake is doing well, our reward is going well. We share the sunny days, we share the rainy days.

To prove we have the skin in the game, we are running with 500 000 ADA pledge deposit.

Our profit margin is 4.9% of your reward. Please note we're talking about reward, not the staking amount.

When you delegate to a pool, it must skip an epoch in order for the delegation to be active. So, if you have delegated in epoch 4, your delegation is active from epoch 6, therefore you will see your first rewards at the beginning of epoch 7.

The following video from ADAtainment explains perfectly what staking is.